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He and Neil Armstrong were on the moon.

Collins, now 83, the command module pilot who stayed behind in lunar orbit as the gatekeeper, also spent decades sidestepping the spotlight. He's making an exception for the 45th anniversary he plans to take part in a NASA ceremony at Kennedy Space Center on Monday to add Armstrong's name to the historic Operations and Checkout Building.

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Apollo 11 anniversary one divisible by five that actually falls on the days of the week that the events occurred. Liftoff was, indeed, on a Wednesday, Eastern time; the moon landing was on a Sunday, Eastern time.

As Apollo 11's commander, Armstrong was first out the lunar module, Eagle, onto the dusty surface of Tranquility Base. Aldrin followed.

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to space is a big deal.

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Now, on this Apollo 11 milestone just five years shy of the golden anniversary Aldrin is asking everyone to remember where they were when he and Armstrong became the first humans to step onto another heavenly body, and to share their memories online.

And from London, Mayor Boris Johnson, who watched the event unfold on an a little black and white TV at an English farmhouse: knew immediately it was the most exciting thing that I'd ever seen. I was only 5 at the time. And it still is just about the most exciting thing I've ever seen. all, 12 men explored the moon in six landings through 1972. But that first moonwalk, by Armstrong and Aldrin, is what clinched America's place as space leader supreme following a string of crushing losses to the Soviet Union, which claimed title to first satellite, first spaceman, first spacewoman and first spacewalker.

´╗┐Astronaut Aldrin seeks moon landing memories

consider myself a global statesman for space, Aldrin says in a YouTube video. I spend most of my time traveling the country and the world to remind people what NASA and our space program have accomplished, and what is still in our Nike Sneakers White And Blue

They missed the whole celebration 45 years ago this Sunday. So did Michael Collins, orbiting solo around the moon in the mother ship.

It's the first major Nike Shoes Black And White Tumblr

Some of videos urge a return to the moon. President Barack Obama scrapped that idea in 2010 in favor of sending astronauts to an asteroid and then Mars.

this day, it's the most exciting thing in my life, just to think what you saw and what you experienced . Allen said.

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Actor Tim Allen watched the moon landing from his boyhood Michigan home.

whole world celebrated our moon landing. But we missed the whole thing because we were out of town. So now I invite you to share with me and the world your story or your family's story of where you were on July 20th, 1969. Or feel free to tell me how the Apollo missions inspired you. used to keep a little black book to list people's whereabouts on July 20, 1969. Everyone wanted to share that with him.

future at Mars. I feel we need to remind the world about the Apollo missions and that we can still do impossible things.

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than any other time in history, with the Nike Sneakers Canvas technology that became available then, all the people of the world truly did experience it and were able to share it. Not just as an American feat, but as a really global event, said Aylward, 56, a business developer for a software company.

It's the first big anniversary of man's first moon landing without Armstrong, whose small Nike Shoes Online Flipkart

That leaves Aldrin, 84, as the perennial spokesman for Apollo 11. He will also be at Monday's ceremony.

a day that was, said actor Tom Hanks, sipping from an Apollo 11 commemorative cup. He starred in the 1995 film 13, another gripping moon story.

And the stories are pouring in.

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Peter Alyward, a self professed space geek from Melbourne, Australia, recalls his parents waking him to see the Saturn V launch from what then was called Cape Kennedy, Florida, on July 16, 1969 45 years ago Wednesday around the middle of the night Down Under.

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step . one giant leap immortalized the moment.

Armstrong, long known for his reticence, died in 2012 at age 82.

Now he's using social media and asking people to post a video to YouTube using the hashtag (hash)Apollo45.

1, Sputnik nothing, actor Louis Gossett Jr. said with a laugh in his video.

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Celebrities, public figures, and other astronauts and scientists are happily obliging with videos.

Too young? You can also share how the moonwalkers inspired you.

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