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"We have to break those ties and start to stabilise their lives: regaining a relationship with their family, driving a car, having a Nike Shoes With Socks

job, all the things that we consider normal. At the same time they have to break links with their old way of life.

"I hated what I was doing. At the time you can block it out, but now I know I was putting a huge amount of strain on my mum and dad and others around me.

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Mrs Clegg said: "A lot of addicts have closed a lot of doors: they've wrecked relationships, lost jobs and drift around. They may get clean but then something happens to trigger their use again.

But treatment does not end with a prescription and the services also provides help to addicts in rebuilding a stable life. The government is increasingly leaning on services like TADS to reduce the use of prescriptions. The fear is that too many people are "parked" on methadone instead of being pushed towards full recovery.

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"While you're using you can block out the harm you're causing to other people. But now I can see just how destructive my habit was."

But she said: "There are service users that I have known for 14 years who have been in and out of treatment. There are others who manage to get clean and stay clean at the first attempt. The individual has to be ready to change.

Richard is one of the 1,641 people who currently rely on the Trust Alcohol and Drug Services (TADS) operated by the Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health Trust and based at the Hellesdon Hospital on the outskirts of Norwich. Of these 1,357 users are addicted to drugs, mostly opiates, and 284 are addicted to alcohol.

For people whose addiction is so engrained, simply ensuring they are using clean needles and making sure they have not been infected can be the first small step towards recovery.

methadone prescription two weeks ago. So far so good. There's still a lot of work to do to get my life back together.

"Before I sought help I was homeless, living on the street or sofa surfing. I had always told myself I would never take heroin I saw it as a horrible drug. Once I started taking heroin and realised I was Nike Sneaker Boots

"At some point you realise you need help, that you can't cope any more."

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"Apart from a couple of cautions for shoplifting Nike Shoes Qd when I was a teenager, I don't have a criminal record," he said. "I've been lucky because if I'd been caught carrying the amount of drugs I used to carry, I would have been locked up for 10 years.

The former Labour government's strategy was to reduce the harm caused by drugs by initially stabilising addictions, rather than trying to end them.

Prescription based treatments, such as the heroin substitute methadone will continue, but it is not yet clear how much funding will be allocated. How realistic is this abstinence based approach?

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Launching a new drugs policy in December, ministers said users should look to end their addictions rather than just cut their use. The plans could see addicts lose benefits if they do not co operate.

While it is true that drug users come from all walks of life, she said that most come from lower economic groups and have lived "broken lives". Many have suffered childhood abuse and a large proportion were brought up in care. Many also have mental health issues.

Unlike many addicts Home Office studies suggest between 30pc and 50pc of people arrested for crimes link their offending to drug taking he never committed crime to fund his habit, which, at times, cost 50 a day.

Richard's story is not unique. Duncan, 43, from Norwich, also started taking cannabis at a young age. He left school at 16 and soon his habit escalated through amphetamines and onto heroin.

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"It is certainly true that some would never make a decision to come off a prescription themselves and need encouragement.

addicted, I knew I had to get help.

The most challenging cases particularly those with acute addictions funded by crime are often treated using a 12 week complex needs programme. This will combine treatment with work involving other agencies, for example the Matthew Project, to address issues such as housing and benefit needs as well as health assessments.

He started smoking cannabis at the age of 13 and was soon expelled from school. From there his drug taking escalated to the point where he was spending 3,000 a week on cocaine and crack. Just over a year ago he realised he was addicted to heroin, a drug he had always regarded with disdain.

TADS provides treatment and support to people with substance misuse problems. For most treatment starts with the prescription of heroin replacement methadone (there is no similar replacement for drugs like cocaine).

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"We have to get to know the individual and get to know the treatment that will suit them. For some it will be a residential rehabilitation programme, for others it will be a prescription or a complete detox."

Depending on the background, recovery times can very. Rebecca Clegg is clinical team leader for criminal justice based at Norwich's Unthank Road walk in centre.

About 10 years ago he managed to get clean for the first time. "I was doing well and stayed clean for five or six years. But then I suffered a personal tragedy and slipped back into my old habits.

´╗┐Attempts to help Norfolk drug addicts turn lives around

Sheila Burgoyne is a former children's social worker who has worked for TADS at the Hellesdon Hospital for 14 years. She has seen a gradual change in policy away from minimising the harm addicts cause to themselves and society and towards complete recovery.

All this time he was living a double life. He had a long term partner, two children and a mortgage. He held down respectable jobs as a gym instructor and in sales. At the same time he was dealing drugs to fund his own habit.

"Our focus has always been on helping people improve their lives so that they no longer need drugs. The treatment is not just physical but also psychological.

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