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But for all of you who walked any one part of it, you have built on an ancient tradition of the First People of this nation, because M to M was inspired by Aboriginal traditional songlines pathways navigating country through song, story, dance and painting.

At least 30 did the whole 80km, many walked seven or eight hours on the Friday or Nike Girls Shoes Price

the Saturday, while for some 3km was a big achievement. Others joined at the last minute, so it hard to know exactly how many finally took part in creating a contemporary songline for this region.

The budget for After Dark was very modest and it just goes to show that it not about how much money you throw at events that make them successful.

´╗┐Arts event proves a journey of discovery in more ways than one

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oldest and the longest.

I was with a friend from the coast who had never heard of Back to Back Theatre and the installation at Back to Back got the conversations going. The massive hip hop choir in the foyer of GPAC also got conversations going about culture and the rights of cultures with Australia. There was a huge crowd when they performed again on the steps of Customs House.

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According to the event organisers, there were blisters aplenty, sore feet, sore legs and some pain, but there was an incredible sense of achievement and pushing through boundaries.

Finally, I don think many will forget the 500 paper bag lantern walking circle at the Waterfront, the sight of the Chinese Dragon and the gongs of the Karenni sounding as Deakin academics led by vice chancellor Jane Den Hollander swept into Steampacket Gardens bearing the canoe that had made its way from the You Yangs.

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Congratulations to City of Greater Geelong arts manager Kaz Paton and Diversitat creative producer Luisa La Fornara for the After Dark event on Friday night, which was quite remarkable.

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history identity important topics for a community which has always struggled to feel good about itself. It was great to see that culture in Geelong has grown up and is no longer just about footy (and bollards) Good to see also that this fabulous event did not just showcase the best of Geelong but has also brought out the worst of Geelong. The old Geelong spirit of nay saying, talking things down, whinging, complaining, is still alive and well in the anonymous (cowardly?) comments of 'Realist' and ' Facts Please'. It's good to see that some things never change.

Over 550 people did ghost tours of the National Wool Museum kids were talking about it in the street.

Facts Please of Geelong Posted at 10:41 AM May 19, 2014

The cinema on the top of the Civic Centre carpark was packed and people loved it. The projections on walls, windows, grass and pavement had people stopping and commenting.

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Everywhere you went people were saying they had never felt anything quite like it in Geelong before.

It was great to see so many people at Big Rock for the ceremony with the canoe, which would be carried 80km to the mouth of the Barwon River.

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At the You Yangs, memories of childhood barbecues and adventures came flooding back. Nike Shoes For Girls Aqua For many of our newer community members from overseas, it was their first visit and they were amazed. We are a young country in terms of global politics but our indigenous civilisation is considered to be the Nike Shoes New Collection 2017

Michael Martinez is the chief executive officer of Diversitat.

Having grown up in Geelong in the 60s and 70s it was with some trepidation that I came back to see what was going on with the Mountain to Mouth festival a couple of weeks ago. I needn't have worried. It was a wonderful, moving, thoughtful, engaging series of events which was about place, Nike Shoes Men Casual 2018

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While numbers for the extreme arts walk of M to M are still being confirmed, 550 people registered with all funds raised going to the Karingal Foundation for inclusive environmental projects along the M to M pathway.

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We should all be thankful to all venues, artists and the local community for supporting the inaugural Geelong After Dark Event. I can wait to see what they do next year.

People discovered Geelong and this region across two days and one night. People who have lived here all their lives, visitors from Melbourne and from interstate and overseas, discovered this place as they never had before.

Jenny Long of St Kilda Posted at 3:34 PM May 20, 2014

They report tales of camaraderie, how the carrying of the canoe the beautiful artwork by Benjamin Gilbert, which was burnt in a stunning ceremony by artistic director Meme McDonald at the mouth of the river at dusk on Saturday was tough and challenging but led to a feeling of euphoria and elation.

What would of been interesting to know is how many people attended and how much money was spent. Bottom line is how council judges art so lets hear it. How many people attended, how much was spent, were the main coordinators from Geelong or do we watch our money go once again up the highway to Melbourne? When you say a "small budget" for Geelong After dark does that mean that the Geelong artists did or did not get paid? And why burn the canoe at the end? I assume rate payers paid for it? Why wouldn't it be used again if your going to do it again?

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